What will your TEN Support this DasvandhWeek?

What will your TEN Support this DasvandhWeek?

give10-1Join us for our 4th annual DasvandhWeek this November 12th to 20th!  This year we would like to know what Panthic causes your TEN supports – #myTENsupports!  What will your Dasvandh support?

On our Dasvandh Network platform, we showcase a variety of causes through our family of Sikh organizations and projects.   These projects highlight our commitment to important issues and other Sikh causes including:

Health, Human Rights, Education, Service, Advocacy, Camps & Retreats, Public Relations, Preserving Sikh History, Civil Rights and many more initiatives.

Which one of these speaks to you?
  During DVWeek, we are matching donations November 12th to 20th to help your donations go further all year round!  (Check out this year’s guidelines below).   Over the past 3-years with the help of our generous community, $400,000 has been pledged to power the Panth.

We invite you to join us this year to have another successful DasvandhWeek.  Check out all the wonderful projects and organizations we support.

We invite you to join the conversation online and by telling us what your TEN supports this November by using the hashtag #myTENsupports on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


Matching Fund Policy – 2016 DasvandhWeek Guidelines

  • $500 single donation match limit
  • $50 / month recurring donation match limit for 12 months.*
  • $5000 match cap for each independent organization (or independent project if not a listed organization).
  • Matches will be made at the end of each day.
  • Payment processing fees for funds donated during the week will be waived; standard processing fees will be applied to subsequent recurring donations matches.
  • No new organizations or projects will be approved after 10/19 until DasvandhWeek is over.

Join us this #DasvandhWeek as we give TEN to support Panthic causes!


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