We need your help: Volunteers for DasvandhWeek


Do you want to help inspire giving within the Sikh Community and power the Panth?  Help us raise $50,000 for Sikh Causes in a single week?  Great – because we’re looking for volunteers!  Here are some ways you can play an active role in DasvandhWeek.


Do you love to speak in front of an audience?

Help us spread the meaning of Dasvandh by presenting DasvandhWeek at your local Gurdwara.  We’ll provide you with all the necessary information (including a short video) and training for this short 2-5 min presentation.

Gurdwara Signup Booth:

If speaking isn’t your thing, how about helping set up a table at your local Gurdwara? We’ll supply you with everything you need.

Social Media Ambassador:

Are you constantly on Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter?  Help giving go viral by sharing and commenting on DasvandhWeek posts – or authoring your own!

I love it – how do I signup?

​If you’re interested in volunteering, please email: arlene@dvnetwork.org

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