Volunteer Spotlight: Supreet Singh

Supreet SinghAs a child, I could be found helping prepare and serve langar or helping teach at our Punjabi school.  Later in my teenage years, I started building the Gurbani Vichaar (radio show) website.  Leveraging Real audio, people from anywhere could stream the program.  Post college, I felt that my weekends were not being utilized and that I should volunteer with Big Brother or a similar organization.  When I heard about DVN and after understanding their mission, I was eager to onboard.

I enjoy being part of a team working towards a greater good.  The best part is working with highly skilled individuals who are there voluntarily.  It is very satisfying to see everyone bring their unique skills and expand them into areas that would not have been possible otherwise. This experience has increased my technical and organizational skills and I hope to continue serving in the future.  Interested in volunteering? Email us today!

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