Volunteer Spotlight: Sukhmeet Singh (PA)

Sukhmeet SinghWhy are you volunteering for #dasvandhweek:

Reason behind volunteering – I, Sukhmeet Singh, M/30 from Philly suburbs – a senior tech analyst for fortune 500 pharma firm have been fortunate enough in this life to get beyond what i think i deserve. With our Guru’s kirpa (blessings) I am blessed and have no complaints with this life. Hence, time has come for me to do more than just monetary donations. I think Dasvandh is not about giving 1/10th of your fiscal earnings for Seva/free community service but beyond that. Its about giving 1/10th of all spheres of your life. Given i am turning 30 soon and haven’t done that already – i am running late so I better start soon. This initiative will hopefully open my Dasvandh account in my true Guru’s logs and then i will keep building on top of that.

When I dance, I look likeā€¦.

Oh! me and Dance – NO WAY! Being a Singh/a Punjabi – i am an embarrassment at dancing. The best i can do is mix in a crowd and wave my hands. Single performance and my dance look like I am in some kinda pain lol. It definitely has a major influence of bhangra on my moves but only on face..i act like i am bhangra king but my feet don’t even move..i am a mess lol

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