The Countdown to #DasvandhWeek Starts Today!

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Mark your calendars… #DasvandhWeek starts one week from today! Join us November 8th-16th in powering the Panth for the second annual Dasvandh Week! During Dasvandh Week, processing fees will be waived, so along with the matching funds, 200% of donations will go to causes listed on our platform. Help us reach our goal of $80,000 by supporting Sikhi causes!

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A personal message from the Dasvandh Network treasurer, Manpreet Singh:

“I’ve always found it interesting that several of the world’s largest religions–including Sikhism, Islam, and Judaism–ask that their followers give 10% of their income. The fact that the number is consistent tells me that 10% is a number we can…and should all aim for.

However, we generally fall well short of this goal. On average, people in the U.S. give between 2-5% of their annual household income. There are a range of reasons why giving 10% can be difficult. This year, we are calling upon our community to ask themselves, ‘Can I do more?’

Dasvandh Week is meant to serve as an annual reminder that we all can and should be giving more. Please take a look at all the amazing work Sikh activists are doing on and give all that you can during Dasvandh Week. Your donations will be matched 100%!

During this week, we are also asking donors to set up recurring donations–which will be matched for an entire year. Recurring donations allow activists to better predict their donation needs so they can focus on doing the great work that they do.”

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