Teaching Giving

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We have been blessed with 3 amazing children – all of whom are healthy and have most everything they may want and need. However, like many other children, even with enough toys, clothes, and books to fill their rooms, they always crave for more – that latest toy or for new gifts on their birthday. As most parents do, Harleen and I work hard to teach our children the essentials, like manners. However, we feel teaching them about how fortunate they are is equally important. Sharing with others in need (Vand Chakkna) is something Harleen and I believe we should instill in them.

In order to really reinforce what we have been trying to teach our eldest daughter for several years now, for Harsimran’s 6th birthday, we decided we would have her practice the “spirit of giving”. So she is asking everyone coming to her birthday to donate to her fundraising campaign – raising money for children less fortunate in Punjab. In order to help a child in Punjab live a healthy year, her goal would be to raise $360 for them. So instead of $30 on a toy that will be used for a few weeks, each of the 12 families could donate that $30 towards helping a child in Punjab. We will sit down with her and show her the picture of the little girl she is helping and talk about the difference she is making in this little girl’s life by helping to raise money for her. It is our hope that over time, our daughter will come to appreciate the good she has helped create over the toys she had forgone.

Details about the Adopt-A-Family Program from the Saanjh Project page:

There have been an estimated 40,000 to 90,000 farmer suicides in Punjab in the last two decades. Around 1900 have been documented in only 2 districts of Sangrur, Punjab. The average debt translates to around $2500 per loan.

Saanjh’s Adopt a family program provides a mechanism to adopt the family in Punjab where the primary breadwinner has committed suicide. For $360 a year, the family is provided support by Baba Nanak Education Society to ensure that the children stay in school.

For less than $1 a day, you can change the life of a family in Punjab that is struggling to make ends meet. Please adopt a family today for a $30 a month recurring donation or $360 a month annual donation.

*** Baba Nanak Educational Society, the organization delivering the funds, can be visited at bnespunjab.org – this is the same organization that “A Little Revolution” profiled in their documentary.

You can check out Harsimran Kaur’s birthday fundraiser here.

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