Project Update: SikhVille


We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for supporting SikhVille. We endeavor to justify every cent of your generous donations by continuously raising the productivity bar. The output by our small team of 15 animators and digital artist matches what any other animation studio would do with 3-4 times more people.

Vismaad has dedicated the past 3 years to provide young Sikh parents a world class, fun-filled Gurmukhi & Sikhi learning resource for their kids. The amount of Games, Applications, Videos and Worksheets we create are unprecedented and unmatched by any other Sikh media.

Check out our amazing resources on

Our current wish list includes publishing:

  1. Minimum 3-4 Saakhian every month
  2. Regular edition to Cartoon Series
  3. Include MCQ to all content for evaluation of user learning
  4. Online Contests and community building activities and
  5. Quality toys and tools to assist cognitive learning

When we started, we had hoped to fund the SikhVille content creation with 4000 subscribers paying $50 a year. The community wasn’t yet ready for such a model hence we made a free website. Even the hassle of login is removed.

Our current monthly expense is US$8500 and about 50% of it is funded by

  1. Dasvandh Network donors: ~$2000
  2. Other Monthly Donors: ~$1100
  3. Ad Revenue share (Youtube, Google) ~$400

The deficit is funded by Vismaad IT Division or direct fund raising in North America.

Sikhville depends on your donations to continue to provide these incredible resource for Sikh Parents worldwide.  Check out the project page and make a donation today!

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