Save the Date! The second annual #DasvandhWeek is happening from November 8-16!

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#DasvandhWeek is an exciting initiative by Dasvandh Network to inspire giving to Panthic projects. Last year we had a very successful week raising money for Sikh causes, thanks to your generosity and our committed team of 25 volunteers! As with last year, our primary objective is to promote and inspire Sikhs to participate in the true meaning of Dasvandh #PowerofTen. Through a campaign to match all donations and ensure 200% of all donations made through our website go directly to each cause, we hope to inspire a new set of donors to contribute to Sikhi and Panthic projects (a limit per project and across the site will be applied).

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In fact, as with last year, this year we will cover payment processing fees again, ensuring that everything raised goes to Panthic projects. If you’d like to contribute or volunteer to help fundraise, you don’t have to wait until #DasvandhWeek in November; you can do your part by donating right now and by becoming a volunteer today! If you missed out on last year’s #DasvandhWeek, take a look at our 2013 annual report for more details.

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Become a Dasvandh Ambassador today, especially as we gear up for Dasvandh Week in November! Please contact us to help us be a social media ambassador or host a tabling event at your local Gurdwara!  Together, we’ll reach our goal!


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