Press Release: Sardar Kanwaljit Singh Family Fund

June 18, 2013:  This past February, Sardar Kanwaljit Singh was shot while on his way home after closing a family owned convenience store in Daytona Beach, FL.  Authorities suspect that he may have been the victim of a hate crime.

Although Mr. Singh has recovered from his injuries, he is still undergoing medical treatment and physical therapy.  As a result of this tragic event, the Singh family has experienced severe financial hardship.

The Dasvandh Network and the One Nation Fund have partnered together and created an online fundraiser to assist the Singh family with their household expenses during this difficult time. Through the Dasvandh Network, donors can contribute to the “Kanwaljit Singh Family Fund” – all donations (up to $10,000) will be matched by the One Nation Fund.  100% of the proceeds donated through the Dasvandh Network will go to the Singh family (the organization is also covering payment processing fees in light of this tragic event).

Learn more about the Kanwaljit Singh Family Fund at:

About Dasvandh Network:

Dasvandh Network is an online giving platform where donors and organizations can actively participate in the spirit of giving. The organization is focused on furthering humanity—a concept that is fundamental to Sikhism. Learn More

About The One Nation Fund:

The One Nation Fund is established to support victims of religious intolerance in our country and promote understanding and goodwill among people of all religions. By providing direct assistance to families, first responders and others affected by crimes against religion, and funding educational programs to prevent future crimes stemming from religious intolerance, the One Nation Fund seeks to cultivate empathy among people of all faiths and strengthen the sense of community that binds us together.

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