Project Update: SALDEF

At SALDEF, one of our key strategic priorities is to increase the awareness and media presence of Sikh Americans. To that end, we partnered with Comcast in 2014 to create this first of its kind public service announcement.

Earlier this Summer, our partners at Comcast, re-aired the Sikh American PSA on it’s network of channels for the fourth consecutive year. This year, we received nearly $1.2 million of airtime during the month of June as the PSA aired almost 103,00 times during that time. To date, the Sikh American community and SALDEF have received over $6.3 million in airtime from Comcast at no cost to the community. The SALDEF team is incredibly thankful to Comcast for their ongoing support to create awareness about diverse communities by continuing to broadcast the Sikh American PSA.

Watch the PSA here!

This month, ABC News’ ‘What Would you Do?’ featured a story highlighting discrimination of a Sikh American at a clothing store. The show presents a staged scenario where staff at a clothing store discriminate against a Sikh American patron.

SALDEF collaborated closely with the ABC producers and casting agents for the show to identify Sikh candidates for the role as well as to ensure that the story accurately reflects Sikhi and the experiences of the Sikh American community.

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