Project Update: We Shall Remain Silent No More: Hate Crimes in the U.S. (ICAAD)

Thanks to the support of the Dasvandh Network community in 2017, ICAAD is able to fight back against the systemic forces that further discrimination. We would like to highlight our progress on the We Shall Remain Silent No More: Hate Crimes in the U.S. project, and give you insight into goals for this year.


Highlights of work in 2017:

  1. ICAAD was brought on by the Open Society Foundations’ Communities Against Hate initiative to conduct a landscape analysis in the United States on public opinion of minorities and immigration, activist movements, and prejudice reduction strategies.
  2. Working with psychologist and ICAAD Board Member Courtney D. Cogburn to better understand how racism contributes to racial inequalities in health. Courtney is using virtual reality to help people experience the complexities of racism to not only encourage them to empathize, but to more importantly motivate them to think and act differently. Watch her TEDx talk here.

Next Steps:

  1. Create a cutting-edge toolkit for conducting workshops to reduce prejudice amongst communities using Virtual Reality and a Participatory Design methodology. Research has shown that one of the largest barriers to tolerance of others is a lack of sharing and understanding of common ground, making it easier to demonize the other. Connecting stakeholders to arrive at solutions jointly can lead to better adoption of ideas.
  2. Continue to participate in research on the use of virtual reality and social media tools to reduce prejudice and create empathy between peoples.

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