Project Update: Sikhville

The virtual world of SikhVille is continuously updated. We constantly strive to create new, even more engaging games, movies, cartoon series and learning exercises. Not only is Sikhville entertaining, it is also enriching the minds of its members worldwide with the basic Sikh ideals of Seva, sangat, creativity and being an aware Sikh. Here are some highlights of the new resources available on

  • Kids Learning Rhymes – A collection of 11 rhymes, popularly known as lorian or baatan in Punjabi folklore, melodiously sung accompanied with cool animation videos.
  • Arrange The Letters Paid – This game aims at teaching basic Punjabi vocabulary along with spelling of words. –
  • Jot Singh Kids Learning & Teaching – The story highlights the importance of planting trees.
  • Rang Bujho Paid – This game teaches children to recognize various colors in Punjabi and segregate objects.

Sikhville depends on your donations to continue to provide these incredible resources for Sikh families worldwide.  Check out the project page and make a donation today!

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