Project Update: Sikh Your Rights


Project Update: Sikh Your Rights

khalis-side-barThank you to all the donors that have worked hard to support our work. We have received enough funding through a combination of DVN and other funding sources to allow us to complete the Know Your Rights app.

We have hired a full time developer and are anticipating getting this app out before the end of the first quarter of 2017. This app will provide a valuable service to Sikhs around the world and help them stand up for their rights.

Check out this prototype of the landing page!

We are also working hard to update and revamp the Sundar Gutka App.

Some of the upcoming functionalities will include:
sundar-gutka• Complete re-write in Cordova so going forward we only have to maintain one single codebase
• Integration with STTM database for better translations
• Support for Hindi
• Audio playback with options of patthi

We are excited to continue our work on these project as well as some new and exciting initiatives as we head into 2017. We are excited to announce that we will be working to create the next generation of SikhiToTheMax apps and website. We’ve hired a full time developer to bring this app to and are striving to take Sikh technology into a new generation.

Check out the ALL the projects by Khalis Foundation here!

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