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The work we continue to do at Sikh Research Institute would not be possible without community members like you. We are enormously grateful for your contributions and looking forward to growth in 2018. We will continue to create an evolving a platform where all of us can learn, discuss, debate, teach, explore, play, and grow as Sikhs.

We will continue to create a lot of opportunities that let you experience the power of community. At the end of July 2018, we’ll host another annual Sidak leadership development retreat, which over the years has transformed the lives of hundreds of people.

Our new interactive online programs, such as Introduction to Sabad Kirtan and Anand Sahib, are bringing people with common interests together to learn and share their thoughts.

We’ve sparked discussions among academics with our new State of the Panth series, where we published our first report on Sikh identity titled Who is a Sikh? and are about to finalize the second report in the series Anand Karaj: The Sikh Marriage that will become available shortly.

Our efforts are mostly supported by our community — all of you. And the extent to which we are able to do our work depends on your involvement. In this new year, please consider getting involved with Sikh community, just one step at a time, whether it’s donating your time by volunteering or teaching, organizing an event, or directing your dasvandh to further our cause. Thank you again!

Guru Ang Sung!

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