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Education: A Doorway Out of Poverty for Students in Punjab

Being part of the Dasvandh Network, the Sikh Human Development Fund (SHDF) has been able to carry out their mission of helping financially disadvantaged students in Punjab.  As part of the support from our generous donors, SHDF has been able to fund the education of students in Punjab create a path out of poverty.

We are pleased to highlight the story of Gurdeep Kaur, a recipient of the SHDF Scholarship.

Gurdeep Kaur lost her father while she was getting her Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA). Tragically, shortly after, she also lost her mother. Although her grandfather took responsibility for her and her four siblings, Gurdeep considered dropping out of college due to financial constraints. SHDF Scholarship came to her rescue and helped Gurdeep finish her BCA.

gurdeep-kaurI am really thankful to the SHDF Scholarship for making me able to complete my BCA. Today I am standing on my feet, and I am helping my family. My younger sister is pursuing her B.Tech. I am able to help fund her education as the SHDF scholarship had helped me to complete my education and become independent.”

Today, Gurdeep’s income that allows her to provide for her family. She is still pursuing her education, currently enrolled in the SAP’s vocational training program and taking software engineering classes conducted at the SAP campus on weekends.

Take part in empowering students like Gurdeep Kaur by supporting a scholarship with Sikh Human Development Fund.

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