Project Update: Sikh Coalition

With great appreciation, The Sikh Coalition, is sharing how your contribution has made a difference in 2017. We thank you for your generous support and commitment to helping us serve the Panth!

Legal Work Protects Religious and Immigrant Rights

The Sikh Coalition is proud to announce that a resolution was reached in the December 2016 employment discrimination lawsuit that was filed on behalf of Dr. Jaswinder Pal Singh. The employer, a Tennessee-based medical group, has agreed to work with the Sikh Coalition to improve its employment hiring policies so that all qualified job candidates, regardless of their faith or background, will receive fair and equal treatment. For more details, please click here.

The Sikh Coalition also invested critical resources into defending and protecting Sikh civil rights by growing the legal team. Amrith Kaur joined as Legal Director in September 2017. In the fall Senior Staff Attorney Julian Darwall and Staff Attorney Gieselle Klapper also joined the team. The legal team will continue to provide the Sikh American community with the best free legal resources in areas of hate crime, employment discrimination, bullying, racial profiling and religious rights.

The Sikh Coalition also continues to support other issues by signing on amicus briefs including in support of precedent prohibiting the government from endorsing a particular religion and contesting the cancellation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Sikh Coalition State Standards Update

The Sikh Coalition is excited to share that because of your support, two new states, Idaho and Tennessee, follow in the footsteps of New Jersey, Texas, New York and California to include Sikhism in their state standards in 2017.

The Sikh Coalition is continuing to engage with other educators and sangat members in other states. The Sikh Coalition attended and engaged with teachers at the Florida Council for the Social Studies conference and also shared resources with educators at the annual convention of the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education/Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents.

For more information about the Sikh Coalition and their work in 2017, please see their End of Year newsletter here.   

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