Project Update: Saldef

The SALDEF team is beyond thankful for your donations during Dasvandh week, we raised $11,662 that went to funding our programs. Here are a few of our accomplishment in 2017 that were only possible because of your support.
Sikh American Media Initiative — 2017 Highlights

Comcast Re-Airs PSA: For the fourth consecutive year, Comcast has re-aired the Sikh Public Service Announcement(PSA) SALDEF first created and aired in 2014, that showcases the Sikh American community and the Sikh faith. SALDEF received $1.12 million in airtime over this past Summer with 102,000 airings.  To date, Comcast has donated $6.3 million in advertising for 570,000 airings across the Comcast network of channels.  This PSA was produced, developed, and aired with absolutely zero money from the Sikh American community.



ABC News Relays Sikh American Experience: SALDEF collaborated closely with producers and casting agents for ABC News’ What Would You Do? (WWYD) show. For the nationally broadcasted episode, SALDEF helped identify Sikh candidates for the role and ensured that the episode accurately reflects Sikhi and the experiences of the Sikh American community.



Partnering with Major Television Studios: Leveraging our pioneering Turban Myths Report, SALDEF continued our work to build the Sikh American presence in the media. During the past two years, we have worked with major network television studios ABC, CBS, and NBC, to increase our presence both in front and behind the camera. This relationship has been critical in leading the increase of Sikh American experts appearing on the news, as well as the airing of the Sikh American experience on ABC News’ What Would You Do.
Law Enforcement Partnership Program — 2017 Highlights







SALDEF Receives TSA Partnership Award: The award was presented by the Acting Administrator of the TSA, Huban A. Gowadia, in recognition of SALDEF’s strong partnership and engagement with the agency. Immediately following the creation of the TSA, SALDEF trained all the 45,000 airport security screeners on a respectful and culturally sensitive procedure to screen Sikhs at US airports. SALDEF continues to provide training to TSA Airport Security Officers and Screeners on Sikhs and best practices for engagement with Sikh travelers.

Training Officers and Security Screeners: In 2017, we trained over 800 officers, security screeners and agents across the country with in-person trainings for:

  • California: Orange County Sheriff’s Department and quarterly Criminal Justice presentations at Goldenwest College
  • Massachusetts:  Boston Police Department and Logan Airport TSA Screeners
  • New Jersey:  NJ State Police, Mercer County and Middlesex County Sheriff’s Department
  • North Carolina: Durham Police Department and Raleigh-Durham International Airport
  • Texas:  Houston Police Department and the Texas State Police
  • Federal agencies like the TSA, FBI and EEOC.



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