Project Update: Khalsa Media Sevices

First off, the Khalsa Media Team is grateful for the support shown by the community during DasvandhWeek. We were able to raise just over $10,000 across all our projects during this week!

Khalsa Media team has worked on a few initiatives last year. One of the initiative is to provide financial support to financially disadvantaged girls who want to study after high school but can’t continue without financial support from an external source. Total six girls were supported in 2017 ( 3 girls received Mata Bhag Kaur Scholarships and 3 were supported by giving them financial support to continue their higher education. Below is an email from Pawandeep Kaur (India):

“Waheguru g ka khalsa waheguru g ki fateh, I am Pawandeep Kaur D/O Late S.Kuldeep Singh, student of Bsc Nursing 3rd year in APS College of Nursing Malsian, Distt. Jalandhar. 

With due respect, I am very thankful to Khalsa Media Services who supported me in studying in Bsc nursing. I always wanted to study. Because my father passed away in 1999 and my mother is a housewife and not able to pay my fee, I cannot thank you enough for all the support and helping me continue my study. 

I always had interest in studying but this financial support gave me an opportunity so I could study and do good job in my future. I also want my mother and Khalsa Media Services to feel proud of me and I will always try to give my best to all my family members and Khalsa Media Services. My aim in Future is to help others who need the help like me. I am really thankful to Khalsa Media Services for this act of kindness. “ 

Mata Bhag Kaur Education Fund – Khalsa Media Team discussed the changes needed in the rules and scholarship selection process for 2018 Q2 scholarships. Updated Application forms and guidelines will be uploaded to Dasvandh network as well as social media by Feb 15th, 2018. Application process will be open from March 1st – March 31st,2018. Applicants will be selected for scholarships by April 15th, 2018. Checks will be mailed to the selected applicants by April 30th, 2018.


Feature Film “Princess of GOD” – Khalsa Media team has been working on production of this movie for last year and half. Trailer of this movie was released in last quarter of 2017. Khalsa Media team has started planning the screenings of this movie. Please click here view the trailer of this movie. 



Big shout out to Harmeet Singh Veer Jee, who has worked hard on the production of “Princess of God” feature film with the team in India. There is a lot that goes into production of a feature film but the Harmeet Singh Veer Jee has worked hard on getting this project off the ground and to a point where we are getting ready for the screenings of this movie.




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