Project Update: Khalsa Food Pantry

Project Update: Khalsa Food Pantry

#WorldFoodDay #Shareameal #EndHunger

This month marks the third anniversary of the Khalsa Food Pantry which opened its door in Oct 2013! In 2016, Khalsa Food Pantry began serving hot meals every month to our guests. In addition to distributing nonperishable food items and fresh produce to over 100 families per week, we make and serve fresh pizza or pasta along with snacks and share a meal with all our guest.

Khalsa Food Pantry also became affiliated with a larger regional food bank this year, known as the LA Food Bank. This has allowed us to expand the variety of our food items and purchase high quality foods at lower costs.

We are able to provide meals and food for $500 per week through the generosity of donors within our community. All donations to Khalsa Food Pantry go directly to the purchase of food!

Support the work Khalsa Food Pantry and help them meet their yearly goal. Support this initiative here: Khalsa Food Pantry

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