Project Update: Khalis Foundation

Vaaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

We are excited to share recent updates from the Khalis Foundation – the launch of SikhiToTheMax 3, Shabad OS Alliance, and much more!

With Guru Sahib’s Kirpa, we here at the Khalis Foundation have been busy on several projects for the Sangat. Last November, we hired our first full time staff member to work exclusively on Sikh technology.  We have been able to achieve a lot in a short time frame.  We are excited to share our progress on the following projects –

  1. SikhiToTheMax 3 – for the first time ever, STTM is now available on Mac OS as well as Windows.  We have rewritten the world renowned Gurbani search application completely from scratch.  STTM3 provides search optimizations, added Gurbani and additional functionality.  We are looking forward to enhancing this application and launch mobile apps.

  2. Shabad Open Source (OS) alliance is a collaboration with other Sikh teams across the globe.  Khalis Foundation is leading the project to provide one source of information to power multiple Gurbani apps.  Shabad OS platform provides the ability for users to submit updated translation.

  3. Sundar Gutka – the most downloaded Sikh app ever, is being enhanced to use Shabad OS as the backend.  Once complete, our other apps such as LearnLarrivar and MyPothi will also used Shabad OS as the backend.  We welcome other app builders to join the alliance and start building apps for the Sikh community.

  4. Raj Singh’s Chola – Due to popular demand, we have finally been able to put in order of our third children’s book. We are sure you will enjoy reading it to the little ones as it features an excellent moral for our younger generation. We are accepting pre-orders on our website.

  5. Khalis Foundation website has also been re-written and now offers an intuitive interface.

All of this has been possible through the support of Sangat and our donors. Having a full time employee has been a great benefit. We hope to continue these projects in future, however, that is only possible with the sangat’s continued support. We are still short on our annual goal and ask for your assistance. Please enroll in a small monthly recurring donation so we can continue our work –

Vaaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

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