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Dasvandh Network’s platform has allowed Gurmeet Kaur, author of Fascinating Folktales of Punjab, to reach an audience far and wide. Through the support of DVN donors, Gurmeet Kaur has been able to expand her work and produce valuable Punjabi literature for children. Read her story below as she shares about her journey and the exciting plans of what’s next for her.

Vaaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

As the year starts to wind down, I wanted to thank you for supporting Fascinating Folktales of Punjab and its initiatives through your excitement, enthusiasm, and donations.

Also, I want to let you know about what I have been up to this year.

You have probably seen by now what miracle your loving support has brought about. I was able to launch the books 6, 7 & 8 on time for Vaisakhi and the books were much loved.

Sher-e-Panjab, the largest circulating Punjabi language newspaper in the U.S.A, had this to say about them:  “In the history of Punjabi language publishing, these colorfully illustrated books are the first of their kind in such high-quality. If you read these books, you relish them more than looking at them; If you look at them, you relish them more than reading. Holding them in your hands you feel the honor of having held something invaluable, something of historic importance.”

I hope you have been enjoying and learning from them as much as your children are.

This year, was historical for me and thus you in another way.

I have said goodbye to my twenty-five year old technology career to serve our Mother Language Punjabi with all my time, heart and soul. As I dig deeper, I find that we are totally famished in the area of Punjabi literature for our children and not much work in going on to preserve this for our next generations. I considered this gift and calling as a ‘Hukam’ from Guru Sahib and took the leap of faith. I was pretty nervous at first, but the more I meet parents and children in the Diaspora, the more I know, that is this my calling and I am thankful that I had the courage.

Since then, I embarked on a new journey.  I have started to travel around to the communities of Khalsa/Punjabi schools in North America to share this passion with children and parents. Sangat in Illinois, New Jersey and North Carolina have loved the Story Telling/Book Signing sessions and this love is now becoming contagious. Every month I travel to one community to create an excitement and love for the Punjabi language and literature for children.

I am also working on continuing the series. Books 9,10 & 11 are in the works. I have finished retelling them in Punjabi. English translations and illustrations remain. I expect to finish them by summer of 2017.

I am also in the process of launching second edition of Books 1, 2 & 3.

As I started story telling in communities, many a parents have asked me to record my stories in audio and possibly video format. That project is under way as well. It will help with correct pronunciations and encourage children to speak/read along, thus improving their spoken Punjabi skills along with reading.

So next year you will see a lot more coming from Fascinating Folktales of Punjab. Keep your support and blessings coming. We have two new projects listed on DVN. Just search for folktales and please consider monthly donations.

And if you would like to invite me to your community, please contact me at  Together, we will preserve our language and make it thrive in our hearts and homes.

Thank you with all my heart,

Guru Ang Sang

Gurmeet Kaur

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