Project Update: Ensaaf

In 2017, Ensaaf raised $20,182 on DVN. Thank you so much to all of our supporters who enabled us to make strides in developing the Oral History and Video Testimonials component of our Virtual Site of Conscience. These funds supported the completion of an additional 7 videos.

In February 2017, our longtime Multimedia Director Sati Kaur left us after 5 years of service to work on private projects. She was instrumental in developing our video component plans for the Virtual Site of Conscience, and continues to advise Ensaaf as needed. We were fortunate to bring on a consultant who has worked in social justice independent film and assists our Senior Associate in editing video testimonies.

On December 20, Ensaaf released another example of its video testimonies here: This video was part of the Disappearance Videos project featured on Dasvandh Network ( Sukhminder Kaur’s case is particularly compelling and powerful: she lost her only son Sarabhjit Singh in 1989, when he was less than 17 years old. Punjab Police abducted Sarabhjit Singh from his home without cause and detained him at Bhogpur police station for eight days with his uncle, who was later released. However, Sarabhjit Singh’s family never saw him again. Sukhminder Kaur has never received any answers to her son’s disappearance nor the justice she and her son deserve: “I ask, but no one listens to me because I am a poor woman…I’m empty and I don’t have anything to give. I just want to know.”

Thank you for listening to Sukhminder Kaur and continuing to support Ensaaf’s Oral History and Video Testimonial Projects.

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