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We first want to one to thank you for your continued support! We are excited to share that a record 4,100 Sikh Gurdwaras, institutions, schools and communities all across India and all over the world celebrated Sikh Environment Day on March 14 this year, more than any other year since the celebration began in 2010.

These celebrations included plantation drives, bicycle rallies, nature walks, special seminars on nature and workshops on kitchen gardening.  There was also a large increase in the number of places where instead of giving sweets, gurdwaras gave “Buta Prasad” or plants and seedling.

As a part of celebrations, Vigaas Foundation and EcoSikh have pledged to create 100 kitchen gardens in Gurdwaras across Punjab to spread the message of health and organic langar. “Our mission is to prepare the future generations to work for planet preservation,” said Jaspreet Singh of Vigaas Foundation, and a member of EcoSikh’s Ludhiana Steering Committee.

Since Sikh Environment Day started seven years ago, it has encouraged the planting of thousands of trees all around the world, with special attention to Punjab. Communities have started making their Nagar Kirtans (religious processions) cleaner and greener; three historic gardens associated with Sikh Gurus have been revived in Punjab. The idea of organic, sustainable langar has been initiated at the Golden Temple and is now being adopted by other gurdwaras. Many Gurdwaras have switched from harmful styrofoam products to metal utensils and biodegradable pattals. Sangat from Nairobi and Derby planted trees in their respective national forests as a Sikh action to climate change.

Thanks to Sikh Environment Day, local influencers have been trained on environmental issues. We are excited that people are realizing we need to protect the environment in active ways!

It’s now more important than ever to fight for our climate and communities. Join the fight to protect our environment by starting a recurring donation to EcoSikh today! 

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