Project Update: Fascinating Folktales of Punjab

Dear Donor,

I want to wish you a very happy Nanakshahi 549 and update you on our two projects listed on DVN and the other work being done to promote Ma-Boli Punjabi through Fascinating Folktales of Punjab.

Our second edition of books 1-3 is coming along well, although slightly delayed. The books have been printed. I just got the approval copies and they look wonderful. Grateful to Waheguru for a smooth sail so far.

Books will arrive in our hands in May. This project still needs funding! If you have friends, or know of Gurmat Schools or Camps that teach Maa-Boli and would like to adopt a box or two for non-profit distribution, please share this link and ask them to donate here –

Our books 9,10 and 11 are coming rather slowly. The project is estimated to be completed by Vaisakhi of 2018. The stories have been finalized and Punjabi retelling is almost complete. English translations, illustrations, and graphic design remain. Again, we are short of funds here as well so if you can help, please contribute at:

I have also been traveling to various communities to take the love of Punjabi literacy for children via our books. This year, I had the fortune to visit Los Angeles, D.C/Maryland and Seattle communities and conduct story telling sessions. I have witnessed nothing short of magic on how well the children received the books and enjoyed the sessions.

I met five-year-olds who can recite all the ten tales in fluent Punjabi. Children were thrilled to meet first ever author who cared to focus on their Mother Language and bring such high quality bilingual books into their hands. They have gone home with a renewed sense of pride and a pledge to continue reading and speaking in Punjabi.

I am working on a few more exciting projects this year. Please like us on Facebook at to hear more about them and check out some of the pictures from our Story Telling and Book Signing Sessions.

Lastly, Thank you so much for your ongoing support. This work would not be possible if not for your generous contributions. Please keep it going. Please keep reading to your children in Punjabi and make story times a regular family time activity.

Guru Ang Sang,

Gurmeet Kaur

Story Telling Session at Khalsa Gurmat School in Renton, WA.​

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