October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Dasvandh Network supports the work of the Sikh Family Center as they spotlight the prevalent, but unspoken, truths of domestic violence. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and we are honored to support the Sikh Family Center as they create and advocate for support for those who are affected.

Sikh Family Center

domestic-violence-infographicAfter nearly 6 months of being acquainted with SFC clinic volunteers, during one visit for “skin problems” she pulled up the sleeves on her arms to reveal old healed burn scars on her arm, chest and abdomen. This further opened up the discussion to her untreated PTSD, depression and isolation anxiety. SFC referred her to her local County Department of Social Services and educated her to reach out to call 911 if in danger or in case of an emergency. Even with Punjabi-speaking Sikh service provides, it took several months for us to be able to establish rapport and build trust for her to be able to talk about this.

8 months after our initial call with Rani, she attempted reconciliation with her husband. SFC provided Rani non-judgmental information about the various dangers and legal disadvantages of this, while also supporting her in making decisions for herself.

2 months later, Rani’s husband again turned her out of the house for “ill behavior“. Rani is leaving the state to find safety, and SFC is again assisting her.

It’s Domestic Violence Awareness month, stand up and show your support! http://bit.ly/SikhFamilyCenter

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