Meet Jasleen Singh – Sikh Monologues

Sikh Monologues is a recent addition to the DVN platform.  Our goal is to capture the living history of what it means to be Sikh in America. The details, feelings, sentiments, and poignancy of the stories shared will be used in creative ways and perhaps in collaboration with the essence of several other stories to create monologues and short narratives surrounding particular themes. We as a community may be diverse in our experiences, but there are still common threads that tie us together.  We, the project sevadaars, are Sikhs documenting the lives of our fellow community members, so that 20, 50, or 100 plus years from now, we have a resource that is accurate, creative, and aware of the actualities of the Sikh American experience.

Many people often do not take time to recollect or reflect on their own pasts – family’s immigration history, childhood upbringing, role of sangat – but these stories create the Sikh American makeup. These stories are critical to understanding who we are and what exactly is meant when referencing the “Sikh community.” We are rich in history, passion, activism, struggle, and ambition. We are diverse in our upbringing and how we connect to Sikhi, or do not, in our daily lives.

The Dasvandh Network has provided us with contacts that will help with the transcription of interviews as well as assistance with marketing the Sikh Monologues brand.  It is so encouraging to know that we have the support of such amazing people and an organization that truly cares for the success of the Sikh Monologues Project!

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