Matching Fund Update: Day One

Continue to donate, share and promote these Organization and Activists, even though they hit their matching fund goals.  They’re still eligible for up to $3,500 through #DasvandhWeek contests.

Organizations that have hit their goals:

Fascinating Folktales of Punjab
International Center for Advocates Against Discrimination (ICAAD)


Vaaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa  Vaaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!


5th annual #DasvandhWeek is fast approaching. With Guru’s kirpa and our community’s generosity, over the course of ​4 weeks during the previous DasvandhWeek’s, ​over $​500,000 has been raised for Panthic causes! ​We are excited to partner with you to make this DasvandhWeek a great one!​

Below is how the matching fund will work for this year’s #DasvandhWeek


  • $500 single donation match limit (e.g., $1,000 donation will get a $500 match)
  • $100 one-time bonus for newly created recurring donations
  • Each independent organization (or independent project if not a listed organization) is capped at $5,000 in matching funds for DasvandhWeek (“prizes” don’t count towards cap, so an organization can receive more than $5,000 if allotted a “prize”)


  • $2,500 “prize” to whatever organization/project gets the most new recurring donations
  • $1,500 “prize” to whatever organization/project gets the second most new recurring donations
  • $1,000 “prize” to whatever organization/project gets the most new donors


  • Matches will be made at the end of each day (except for “prizes” which will be made after DasvandhWeek)
  • No new organizations or projects will be accepted after 10/10 until DasvandhWeek is over
Join us for an inspirational #10DaysOfGiving! #TogetherWeThrive


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