Last Day of #DasvandhWeek! There’s Still Time To Help!

Vaaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaaheguru Jee Kee Fateh!

Today’s the last day of #DasvandhWeek and we’re only a few thousand away from our goal! We need your help now more than ever!  You can still make a difference with your one time or recurring donation, so the time to take action is now!!!  Click here to pick your project and #PowerThePanth:

Want to know how organizations feel about DasvandhWeek and working with DVN? We interviewed two participants to learn more! Read their thoughts below.


Hansdeep Singh of ICAAD:

Can you share about your experience on fundraising your project using DVN’s platform?

The importance of DVN’s platform, and especially #DasvandhWeek, is that it gives NGOS, including ICAAD, a very visible and timely way to start building and meeting our end of the year fundraising goals. As anyone who has to raise funds to support their organization, getting donors to actually commit is one of the most difficult things, however, when there is a time-bound program that offers a match, this deeply incentivizes donors to finally make that commitment.

After the success of DasvandhWeek, can you describe how the money raised will be used?

Most of the fundraising through DVN was concentrated on one of our projects, our Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Commitment to Action. This Commitment seeks to address violence against women in the Pacific Island region over three years. The funds raised will support our rule of law work starting in Fiji that seeks to better equip lawyers, judges, and health professionals with the ability to combat violence against women in their respective fields.

Why is it important to give all year round versus just during DasvandhWeek?

One of the features that was key to this year’s #DasvandhWeek was the focus on recurring donations. Recurring donations gives organizations and donors an opportunity to develop a long-term relationship, which leads to greater loyalty towards the organization, allows organizations to better plan for the future, and focus their time on programmatic work rather than constantly trying to get donors to commit.

One of the strengths of the DVN platform is the scroll bar and highlighting of projects, which can be immensely attractive to a new site visitors or even more seasoned ones. It raises the potential for those users to learn about projects (if only briefly) that they may not come otherwise come across. What we found this year, unlike last year, is that there was less “passive” donations made to projects by previously unknown donors. A lot of the effort from ICAAD’s perspective was carried out by the organization to direct traffic to the site. An assumption we are making is that the scroll and highlight feature on the front page probably has some value in driving new donors to projects.

Fascinating Folktales of Punjab

Gurmeet Kaur from Fascinating Folktales:

  1. DVN team was more than helpful in setup. Providing a non-profit platform for fundraising gave many more people encouragement to donate to my project.  People want to give but they procrastinate – Matching week gave them additional incentive. DVN made it super-easy for them to give; and that mobilized them.
  2. I have now raised a little over 50% of the funds needed to print the second set of my books. All of the money is going to the printing and the shipping companies to pay my bills for the volume 4 and 5 of the Fascinating Folktales of Punjab that were just released past week. Any proceeds from book sales or more funds from DVN will go to pay for the rest of the expenses.
  3. I can speak for my project. I work year long to get these books into the hands of our community and there are costs associated with each step. There are times when I question myself on the viability of the project. Recurring donations will keep me motivated and focused. I will not feel alone in this work.


Thank You, DVN for helping this project and providing a wonderful platform for all panthic projects. Much needed and appreciated.


Vaaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Vaaheguru Jee Kee Fateh!

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