DVN Virtual Townhall Live on Facebook Tonight

We will be live on facebook tonight to host another virtual townhall with community activists. Moderated by Tavleen Kaur, where we will join Preet Kaur (Sikh Relief), Gurmeet Kaur (Fasinating Folktales of Punjab), and Prabhdev Singh (Khalis Foundation) for a live discussion on Facebook for panelists to share their stories and the sikh communityprojects they are involved in!


One of the activists sharing her story will be, Preet Kaur from Sikh Relief.  Preet Kaur is a native of Sacramento, California. A long time community activist, Preet has been volunteering for Sikh Relief as a sevadaar since 2012 to run operations and fundraising in the United States. Preet currently works as a Realtor/Property Manager. She has a background in criminal justice/law and has spent numerous years working with Law Enforcement Agencies.

We’d like to introduce to you Gurmeet Kaur. Gurmeet Kaur has revived the dying oral tradition of Baataa(n) or Punjabi folktales that have been handed down to us from generation to generation by bringing them to life in the form of beautifully illustrated books. Since 2013, she published a set of 8 of the first ever bilingual folktale books that are beautifully illustrated for children in the diaspora, creating a new excitement in Punjabi litercy for children.


Another community activist joining ustonight is Prabhdev Singh. Prabhdev Singh is a founding member and a board of director of the Khalis Foundation. He currently supervises the media and outreach division of the Foundation. Prabhdev Singh works as a Director of Product Management with AlertEnterprise, a physical and cyber security firm based out of the Silicon Valley in California.

Tonight’s discussion will be moderated byTavleen Kaur! Tavleen is a PhD candidate in Visual Studies at the University of California, Irvine. She researches the role of architectural design and urban planning in the built environment of the South Asian American diaspora, particularly within the Sikh community. Tavleen has been part of various Sikh organizations, one of them being Associate Director of DVN between 2013 and 2014. She lives in Southern California. In addition to being a full time student and educator, she is working with Sikh community members in Orange County to put together workshops for children and teens.

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