DasvandWeek Starts Today! Project Spotlight

The 2nd annual #DasvandhWeek has officially begun!  Join us in powering the Panth by donating today!  During this week, processing fees will be waived, so along with the matching funds, 200% of donations will go to causes listed on our platform (limits apply). Help us reach our goal of $80,000 by supporting Sikhi causes!

SAFAR Our Journeys 2014 Conference

“If we all believe gender should not predetermine our destiny, then we are all feminists…” Palbinder Kaur Shergill.



Today not only did DasvandhWeek begin but SAFAR’s one-day conference is being held at the University of Michigan’s Rackham Graduate School.


“Our Journeys” is the interdisciplinary academic conference developed by SAFAR: The Sikh Feminist Research Institute. This is the first SAFAR Conference in the United States, following the two successful academic conferences in Canada.

November 2014 marks 30 years since the 1984 atrocities waged against Sikhs in India and is the month of the birth of Guru Nanak, who challenged the status quo and deeply rooted paternalistic values of the times, sowing seeds of Sikh feminism as we know it today. SAFAR believes that holding the conference in this month of this year allows us to highlight the relationship and often disconnect between knowledge and its application.

“Our Journeys 2014: To Know Is Not Enough” seeks to cultivate a spectrum of critical dialogue and foster engagement between Sikh and non-Sikh academics, community-based researchers, future leaders, budding change-makers within the community, and other curious members open to learning. We seek to especially encourage young students and future researchers as well as to break barriers for community members who many not otherwise engage with academia.

Please help support their conference by donating here!


A Little Revolution – Film


a little revolution

A Little Revolution A Story of Suicides and Dreams, follows the remarkable journey of filmmaker Harpreet Kaur, who travels from the rural villages of Panjab to the capital of India with children of farmers, who’ve committed suicide. She confronts the government’s highest officials with the hopes that they will understand the effects of their policies and take the opportunity to help these children.


Their goal is to recover the production cost of the film. Once they reach $56,000 in funds for the film cost, they will release the film for home and broadcast distribution.  Do you want to help support this cause during #DasvandhWeek?  If so, please donate here.

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