DasvandhWeek 2018 Matching Policy

What is DasvandhWeek?
Dasvandh Week is our opportunity as a community to continue supporting the work of Sikh activists. It is an annual ten days of giving,during which donations are matched, according to the matching policy, until the matching fund is exhausted. DasvandhWeek 2018 will run from November 9th to the 18th.

DasvandhWeek 2018 Matching Policy


  • We will be using a Matching Code, DVWEEK18, during the checkout process this year
  • DVWEEK18 must be entered at checkout to receive matching funds
  • The Matching Code goes live at 12:00 PM EST on 11/9/18


  • $250 single donation match limit (e.g., $1,000 donation will get a $250 match)
  • Each independent organization (or independent project if not a listed organization) is capped at $5,000 in matching funds for DasvandhWeek
  • If there are multiple projects from the same organization in the cart, the match code will only apply to one of the projects


  • $5,000 “prize” to the organization/project that gets the most new recurring donations
  • $3,000 “prize” to the organization/project that gets the second most new recurring donations
  • $2,000 “prize” to the organization/project that gets the most new donors


  • The matchcode will be active beginning at 12PM EST on November 9th
  • Matches will be made as they happen using the matching code (except for “prizes” which will be made after DasvandhWeek)
  • New organization/project applications must be submitted by October 26, 2018.
  • If a donor cancels previously made recurring donations prior to DasvandhWeek and starts “new” recurring donations to the same organizations/projects, these “new” transactions are not considered new recurring donations

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