#DasvandhWeek 2016 is here!


In this unique time of transition, we are even more energized to be kicking off our 4th annual fundraising week- #DasvandhWeek.  Let us come together as a community, to have a positive impact on our Panthic projects and causes.  Starting this Saturday, we’re matching donations until matching funds are exhausted and we’re waiving all processing fees–so your contributions will go 200% to the projects of your choice (until the matching fund is exhausted)! Please make sure to review this year’s matching guidelines.

We are excited to share we have 65 projects and organizations on the platform. With such a variety of projects and causes, you will surely be able to find one that speaks to you.  All these wonderful organizations and causes rely on help from our community to reach their goals. We can’t do it without your support!  Now is the time more than ever to unify together to help make DasvandhWeek 2016 our biggest fundraising week yet!

Show your support for DasvandhWeek on social media. Update your facebook or twitter banner and profile images.

This year Dasvandh Network is asking donors to share what causes they are supporting during DasvandhWeek. Share your
commitment to important issues and other Sikh causes including: Health, Human Rights, Education, Service, Advocacy, Camps & Retreats, Public Relations, Preserving Sikh History, Civil Rights
and many more initiatives.

“My TEN supports Preserving Sikh History, I’m supporting the 1984 Living History Project, so that we can commemorate the voices of 1984.”  
shares Tejpreet Kaur, DVN Donor.

Make a quick (10-20 second) video (similar to the one above) and post it online by tagging us (@DVNetwork) and using the hashtag #myTENsupports. Share it with your friends and family and encourage them to donate through the platform. Together we can
spread the word about DasvandhWeek and help power the Panth!

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