DasvandhWeek: Sikh Family Center Update

As #DasvandhWeek continues, read about how your donation to SFC will help our community & Sikh Family Center!


1) Help SFC hire their first official staff organizer! 

The community organizer will be passionate about working with the Sikh sangat; trained in crisis response; have professional experience working in anti-violence organizations; comfortable with education & outreach in Punjabi and English; and committed to working across lines of age, gender, immigration status, etc. And if that were not enough, the staff organizer will build and maintain collaborative working relationships with Sikh organizations and institutions, encourage programming and outreach on intra-community issues including health; family violence; language access; child welfare.

2) Help SFC maintain and increase community awareness about the Sikh Family Center Helpline in order to provide aid to those most in need!

The SFC Helpline continues to provide non-emergency culturally sensitive crisis intervention aid, resources and support for issues ranging from medical/psychological, and healthcare coverage to family violence and/or legal issues. The need for crisis counseling, peer support, and warm referrals to necessary social services is crucial for our growing community.

3) This is how your donation will be put to use:

sfc-dw-blog-image-2$25 = 2 month prescription medicine for 1 patient

$55= 1 AT&T prepaid Go Phone for a victim of violence fleeing to safety

$85 = 1 night in a Motel 6 for a woman having to leave an abusive situation

$100= Materials & Travel Costs for a presentation on Sikh families to local social services organizations

$150 = Materials and supplies for 25-hour training for volunteers to work on our message line

$250= Lab work for patients

Donate today at:


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