Project Update: Punjab Institute


Dear Supporters,

With deep gratitude, the Punjab Institute thanks you for your contribution to our work. With your donation through the Dasvandh Network, the health projects that we are doing in Punjab have been wonderfully supported.

As your donation was so impactful to us, we wanted to give you a project update. Over the past year, we have sent 11 physicians to Punjab to do healthcare work. With your contributions, we have created an educational curriculum about Punjab for these physicians, forged pathways for them to travel to rural villages where they focus on issues of farmer suicide, and have funded a translational research project on understanding ultrasound use for female feticide. We continue to work arduously on these projects that will make a difference for men, women, and children in Punjab, every day!

These projects would not be as far as they are now without your support. Thank you again, and looking forward to reporting more progress soon!

The Punjab Institute Team

As a reminder #DasvandhWeek starts on Saturday and we we’re matching donations and waiving all processing fees. We invite you to support the Punjab Institute and share your commitment to this project using the hashtag #myTENsupports.

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