Our 4th annual #DasvandhWeek is nearly a week away!  We’re excited and looking forward to our family of donors getting involved in the #myTENsupport campaign. Please check out our video below to learn more.  We need your support to make DasvandhWeek 2016 our biggest fundraising week yet!

More New Projects on Dasvandh Network!

We’ve got a lot of new projects to get excited about. Read more about some of these new projects and support a cause today!

unnamed-1Ensaaf – Virtual Site of Conscience Project

Ensaaf has set out to create searchable, tagged video archive of 200 oral histories, exploring key human rights themes and survivor perspectives. Each video will be edited and shared as part of the Virtual Site of Conscience Project (VSC) on the Decade of Disappearances in Punjab. The VSC will include an immersive sensory experience, data visualizations, documentary films and video testimonials, a portrait gallery, an advocacy interface, a human rights archive, and a resource center. The video testimonials present the unique oral history of each survivor’s story. They need your help to produce these videos! Check out ALL of Ensaaf’s new projects here!

unnamed-2Sikh Honor and Service Society (SHSS)

Started in 2015, Sikh Honors and Service Society (SHSS) program creates high school campus clubs, akin to those by Christian, Jewish, and Muslim youth, that goes far beyond. SHSS sets out to create a family and a network for our children, giving them new exposures to Gurmat, seva, a sangat and instilling pride in their Sikh heritage and customs. By June 2017, Jakara will have 20 enlisted clubs 6 different regions, focusing on schools that have Sikh populations of over 50 students at their respective high school.
Check out their new project and help get a SHSS club off the ground today!

unnamed-3Organic Farming Workshops in Punjab

To increase the farmer interest and help the demand-supply of organic food in Punjab, EcoSikh has started organic farming training workhops in Punjab at the Bhagat Puran Singh Natural Farms in Amritsar. Their goal is to guide Punjabi farmers on how to reduce farming budgets by adopting organic farming methods. Your donation will go toward transporting each farmer to & from Amritsar, providing a 6-hour training by Rajbir Singh, an organic farming expert from Pingalwara, Amritsar and serving refreshments. A recurring donation of $30 can work to train 10 farmers! Check out their latest project here.

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