Project Update: Gurmat Parchaar Project of Mathana/Dhangar


Vaaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa  Vaaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

The following initiatives were done in last year.

Mathana & Dhangar Villages:

  • Samagam was organized in June last year and then again in January this year for Mathana and Dhangar Sangat in MP State of India. KhalsaMedia arranged for travel and stay for Sangat from Punjab as well as Langar for whole samagam. Many local villagers got blessed with Amrit di daat in both the samagams. Total Cost approx. 2 Lacs INR for each samagam.
  • Bought a Land in Dhangar Village and build a small Gurdwara / Dharmshala for the new sangat there. Both the floors are functional. No wood work is done yet. Attached picture for building in construction. Total Cost of Land, 5 Lacs INR. Total Cost of Construction of Building so far. 10 Lacs INR approx.
  • Tuition fees and stationary costs for kids. Approx. expense 10,000 INR / month.
  • College fees for one youth who was good in studies. Approx. expense 40000 INR / year.
  • One Granthi Singh who does full time sewa of parchar in Gurdwara at Mathana

    Vaaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa  Vaaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

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