Project Update: Camp Sikh Virsa

Vaaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

From the Camp Sikh Virsa family, we want to offer you our sincere gratitude and love for supporting us this year. With the help of your donation, we were able to raise $5,175 to continue camp programming at no deficit and reboot our teen retreats for the counselors.

Camp Sikh Virsa: November 2017 Slideshow
At Camp Sikh Virsa, our goal is to inspire and motivate Sikh youth to follow the path of the Guru, while building the necessary foundation to become an active member of the Panth. We hope to do this for our youth through the biannual camp, but also by investing in our teachers and counselors through an annual retreat. By forming this strong sangat built on the values of our Gurus, we dedicate ourselves to the tradition of using community-driven education and service to create future leaders and sevadaars in the Sikh community and beyond.

A few exciting updates as we move into the new year…

  • We have attained 501(c)(3) status, a long-term goal for Camp Sikh Virsa which we hope will encourage future donations both through Dasvandh Network and at our events.
  • We will be holding another teen retreat from February 16-18 for our youth teachers and counselors as a space for them to further engage their Sikhi, and we are thrilled to have long-time CSVer Rubin Paul Singh joining us from Maryland to run the workshops.
  • In May, we will be moving to a new campsite (Camp Edwards in East Troy, WI) which we believe fits our recent growth and our long-term vision, allowing us to find a new home for CSV.
  • Camp Sikh Virsa has consistently been attracting at least 70 campers and nearly 150 participants for the last several camps. We hope this growth is indicative of our mission to inspire youth and their investment in their community, and we hope to see the growth continue as we all encourage each other in our path towards Guru Ji.

To stay updated on our programming, please take a look at our updated website:!

Igniting the flame of Sikhi spirit,
CSV Sevadaars

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