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Sikhism Included In Idaho Classrooms

In another sign of lasting educational progress, the Idaho Department of Education has moved to include accurate information about Sikhs in its Social Studies content standards. This decision ensures that 250,000 students enrolled in Idaho public schools from grades six through nine will gain a better understanding of Sikhs.

In making this change, Idaho now joins a growing list of states—including New York, New Jersey, Texas, and California—that have worked with the Sikh Coalition to include accurate information about Sikhs in their public school curriculums.

Attackers Found Guilty in California Hate Crime 

Two men were found guilty on felony assault and hate crime charges and sentenced to a thre

e-year term in California state prison for the brutal attack against Maan Singh Khalsa. The Sikh Coalition, community leaders, and a coalition of civil rights organizations, advocated vigorously on behalf of Mr. Khalsa, urging for a hate crime investigation and prosecution. The Sikh Coalition continues to place a greater emphasis on their legal work o combat and prevent hate.

Dr. Prabhjot Singh – a Sikh American who has experienced hate violence firsthand – testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about the urgent need to address hate crimes in the United States. Working with the Sikh Coalition, Dr. Singh urged government officials to make hate crime prevention a top priority.


To watch the video of Dr. Singh’s testimony, click here. To read the Sikh Coalition’s separately submitted testimony, click here.


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